Impact Stories

Through our investment activities, we intentionally look to achieve positive impact in the areas of: culture and diversity, livelihood, community infrastructure, and climate change. Below are some of our impact stories:


Artscape has 30 years of experience in creating affordable space for artists to live and work in Toronto, and transforming communities through intentional creative placemaking. By purchasing office space in one of the Artscape developments, Inspirit was able to create comfortable and accessible space for staff and stakeholders while supporting Artscape in its mission. It's a vibrant and cooperative work space which values art, social innovation, and community.


Each year, highly skilled newcomers arrive in Canada with hopes of building a better life. However, many are not afforded opportunities because their professional credentials are not recognized. Immigrant Access Fund provides loans to unemployed or underemployed newcomers to help them take the necessary steps to work in the field they were trained in before coming to Canada. Recognizing that creating meaningful professional opportunities for everyone is an important inclusionary factor, we provided a loan guarantee requiring no outlay of capital but allowing IAF to extend more loans to highly skilled newcomers.


When Oikocredit — a cooperative that offers capital to microfinance institutions in developing countries — launched a fixed income investment product for the Canadian market, we joined them as an early adopter. Moving a traditional GIC to Oikocredit — a stable company with $1 billion in assets under management — made sense for us and offered a higher return while maintaining liquidity and increasing positive impact. We felt encouraged by the positive change that our investment would make in the lives of entrepreneurs, mostly women in developing countries.


Charities and nonprofits require sound financing and financial planning to sustainably achieve their missions. However, these well-intentioned organizations often lack the financial track record and requirements to access capital in the traditional way. That's where Community Forward Fund comes in. By providing access to loans and financial coaching, Community Forward Fund allows charities and nonprofits to improve their current financial picture and plan for the future. We strongly believe in the value of access to capital and financial planning for purpose-driven organizations, so we became an early investor.

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