Our Vision

We envision a more inclusive and pluralist Canada where our differences are valued and engaged, and everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive both socially and economically.

Our Mission

We work to promote inclusion and pluralism through media and arts, support for young change leaders and impact investing—specifically addressing discrimination based on ethnicity, race and religion.

Our Priority Areas


Reconciliation is a goal and a process by which Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples are repairing and building relationships to realize social and economic inclusion for all.


Islamophobia is a prejudice against the Islamic faith and Muslims, which often reinforces fear of “the other” and generates discriminatory attitudes.

Theory of Change

We believe that by supporting the next generation of change leaders, leveraging media and arts for change and impact investing, we will create a virtuous cycle that contributes to greater social inclusion.

Strategic Plan

Our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan acknowledges the urgent situation of those facing discrimination in Canada and is also anchored in an unyielding sense of hope. In the plan, you will learn more about our priority areas, our pillars, and our targets, which have been informed by our research and mandate.

Equity Statement

The Inspirit Foundation is committed to creating an inclusive and pluralistic society. We believe in the inherent beauty and strength of each individual’s diversity. This includes – but is not limited to – a wide swath of characteristics and social locations such as religion, race, gender, economic status, and ability.

Historical Timeline

Our historical timeline is a compilation of archival documents and footage showing our roots in Vision Television — a pioneering and courageous broadcaster – and the hopes and values that guide the Inspirit Foundation.