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Funding the shift towards a pluralistic narrative in Canada.

We provide funding to Canadian organizations that are dedicated to building narrative power. We fund those that are challenging systemic barriers that dictate whose voices is heard. Our support enables these organizations to amplify diverse voices and advocate for positive change across Canada.

Our Priorities

Building Narrative Power

Stories have a special kind of allure—they allow us to understand ourselves and connect with others. And while some stories engage and connect, others are divisive and threatening.

When stories influence societal norms and behaviors, they transform into a narrative. Narratives are powerful because they define how we see and understand one another.

Inspirit’s work is focused on building narrative power, that is, to use the power of societal narratives in arts, media and broader culture to shift public mindsets and enable culture change. This is the process of narrative change. Our definition of narrative change is adapted from ORS Impact and the USC Norman Lear Center Media Impact Project.

We define “narrative change” as a concerted effort to challenge, modify, and/or replace existing narratives that perpetuate inequities, as a means to advance racial, social and economic justice.

Inspirit Programming

We focus on two programs that advance narrative change: grants to organizations within the arts and media sectors, and mission-aligned initiatives that are foundation-led and/or developed in partnership with other institutions.


Each year, we distribute a select number of research, project, and organizational grants to Canadian organizations, primarily within the arts and media sectors. Funding ranges from one-time seed grant amounts of $10,000 to multi-year organizational grants of up to $100,000 per year.


We collaborate with partners on strategic projects and programs that help create infrastructure required to build narrative power. We often leverage our funding through pooled funding models and projects, as well as research partnerships.