Our Team

The Inspirit Foundation team is a highly skilled and dedicated group of experts in organizational leadership, documentary filmmaking, creative placemaking, research, and impact investing.

We are driven to fulfill our vision of creating a more inclusive and pluralist Canada. Because our values are grounded in collaboration, the achievement of our vision involves a wide network of community-based collaborators who instigate, inform, and inspire our work.


Peter Lyman
Strategy, Policy & Business Analysis – Media, Arts & Telecom

Barbara Hall
Human Rights, Reconciliation

Laurence Ginsberg
Secretary And Treasurer
Strategic Leadership & Governance

Board Member Wendell Adjetey

Wendell Adjetey
Youth Engagement, Higher Education, Economic/Community Development

Alexandra McCann
Impact Investing, Cleantech

Ginger Gosnell-Myers
Reconciliation, Youth Engagement

Mitchell Anderson
Interfaith Dialogue, Impact Investing

Inspirit Board Member Mohamed Huque

Mohamed Huque
Literary Arts, Youth Engagement, Islamophobia

Salima Ebrahim
Interfaith, Islamophobia, Youth Engagement

Tim Brodhead
Philanthropy, Social Innovation

Caro Loutfi
Youth Engagement, Civic Engagement


Andrea Nemtin
President And CEO
Strategic Philanthropy, Media Impact & Social Innovation

Chris Lee
Manager of Grants and Media Impact Funding
Program Design, Impact Evaluation, Public Policy

Hannah Nguyen

Hannah Nguyen
Executive Assistant
Administrative Management, Events

Jory Cohen
Director of Social Finance And Investment
Impact Investing & Social Entrepreneurship

Kate Leuschen Millar
Finance And Administration Manager
Governance & Administration, Policy Writing

Rudayna Bahubeshi is Communications Manager of Inspirit Foundation

Rudayna Bahubeshi
Manager of Stakeholder Engagement and Communications
City-Building, Inclusion, Public Engagement

Sanjeev Timana
Research and Evaluation Coordinator 
Social Research And Data Analysis, Program Evaluation

Shazlin Rahman
Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
Stakeholder Engagement, Islamophobia, Muslim Women’s Representation