2014 Grants


Fossil Free Faith Youth Leadership Initiative
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
The project, from Faith and the Common Good, developed and supported a team of “Fossil Free Fellows” of different beliefs and backgrounds to work across faith and cultural communities to build a stronger climate justice youth movement in BC.

Knowledge is Pow Wow
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
This youth-driven project from iHuman aimed to encourage the community to take part in a discussion of pluralism and Edmonton’s growing diversity of beliefs, as well as offering an opportunity to foster relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

Many Faiths – One Common Thread
Location: Surrey, British Columbia
This project from Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society supported a diverse group of young adults to explore and share different beliefs and ways of knowing within the Surrey community through activities that build relationships around common values and concerns.

Memory Walk Vancouver
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Memory Walk Vancouver supported a diverse group of young adults to create short films about forgotten or untold stories represented both by historic and cultural monuments and sites of injustice and conflict in Vancouver. Participants’ films and learning fed into the international Memory Walk program led by Anne Frank House and PeerNet Association of BC.

Nourrir la tolerance et la citoyennete/Nurturing tolerance and citizenship
Location: Montreal, Quebec
In collaboration with Maison Passages, a shelter serving young women in Montreal, this project supported the group to develop a community garden while learning about how food, religion and culture inform Montreal’s rich culinary history.

Perspectives on Faith & Identity
Location: Victoria, British Columbia
This youth-driven multimedia project from Inter-cultural Association of Victoria brought together young people from local Sikh, Muslim, Jewish and First Nations communities to improve awareness and education about issues related to the growing diversity of their community.

Project Acorn: Nurturing the intersections between LGBTQ+ and faith communities
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Young people within the Ten Oaks community developed and facilitated opportunities for their peers to explore the intersections between LGBTQ+ and faith communities, and develop programming inclusive of youth of different religions.

Recipe for Harmony – Faithfully Yours
Location: Guelph, Ontario
This project engaged youth in producing their own multi-media projects to share their thoughts on common elements amongst different faith and belief traditions, and supports youth to share their voices to build positive relationships in their community.

Restoration and reconciliation in North End Halifax
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
After receiving training in collaborative project facilitation, a group of young adults reflecting the diversity of the North End were mentored and supported by older changemakers from different local cultural and faith groups to work together to decide on, plan, and execute a project to help strengthen bonds between the many different communities that call the North End home.

Sharing Our Spirit
Location: Beasley, Ontario
Partners supported a group of young women of different backgrounds and beliefs to learn from one another and work together to build relationships and understanding across faith and cultural groups.

Social Justice Dialogues Youth Media Project
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Young media makers from Regent Park and around the Toronto curated, produced, and broadcasted a series of discussions with local leaders, scholars, and practitioners of diverse religious and spiritual beliefs. These discussions explored the many intersections between religion, spirituality, and social justice in modern life. The project resources were shared with the local community on Regent Park TV (RPTV)and Radio Regent.

The Peace Garden: A Multi-Faith Gardening Project
Location: Malton, Ontario
A diverse group of young adults reflecting the ethnic and spiritual makeup of Malton (including young people of Sikh, Islamic, Hindu, Christian backgrounds) worked together to grow and harvest produce for several local food banks in the Region of Peel.

Youth Inspiring Strong Communities | East and Central African Association for Indigenous Rights
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
This East and Central African Association for Indigenous Rights‘ project supported the creation of a team of diverse young people from the city of Fredericton to work together to host a series of community events and dialogues that aim to build cross-cultural relationships within the community.


Young Spirit Circles
Location: Sault Ste. Marie & Toronto, Ontario
Partners worked with Ontario-based organizations to develop and host youth-led gatherings in communities across Ontario including Algoma District and Toronto, that aimed to build relationships between youth organizers through the exploration of a mutual understanding of ancestral heritage, inclusion and pluralism.

4Rs Initiative
Location: National
Guided by four principles: Respect, Reconciliation, Reciprocity, and Relevance, 4Rs is a youth-led initiative is a collaboration of five national youth-serving organizations, six national Aboriginal organizations, and three national charitable foundations in Canada. Twenty-five young leaders chosen from across these 14 organizations are leading the development of a national awareness campaign that aims to reshape the dialogue among Canada’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in order to strengthen the cultural, economic, and social fabric of our country. The awareness campaign will build momentum leading up to the 150th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada in 2017.

The Elements Experiment
Location: Toronto, Ontario
The Elements Experiment has two components: 1) an online space featuring original academic, journalistic or creative work created by young adults from across Canada on the themes of religion, diversity, secularism, and citizenship, and 2) a TED-style conference where young adults, academics, and community leaders will engage in action-oriented discussions on these themes. The conference took place in Toronto in the fall of 2014.