Impact Investing

Working towards Inspirit Foundation’s vision to create a more inclusive and pluralist society requires leveraging our investment capital. At Inspirit, we are committed to a 100% impact portfolio, with the goal of activating our full asset base to further our organizational vision. For many, impact investing is a financial tool with social considerations. For us, our commitment to a 100% impact portfolio is an imperative for creating the systemic change needed to realize our vision.

We are committed to achieving a 100% impact portfolio. Explore our progress below:

Traditional Investments:

  • Investments in companies not necessarily relevant to Inspirit’s vision of creating a more inclusive and pluralist society

Impact Investments:

  • Investments in companies that are top performers along environmental, social, and governance metrics associated with our organizational vision. Ideally, they also earn at least 50% of their revenue by contributing to a more inclusive and pluralist society

Learn more about our journey to a 100% impact portfolio.

Learn about how we make our investment decisions. Find out what an IPS is in this video.