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Fostering Reconciliation & Building Trust with Indigenous Communities

Media Coverage

Inspirit Foundation was recently highlighted in PANL Perspectives, as part of the Shifting Power in Philanthropy series 

Run by faculty of Carleton University’s Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program, PANL Perspectives publishes evidence-based research, reports, and stories—and offers insights that inform professional practice, public policy, and deeper conversations about philanthropy and the nonprofit sector in Canada. 

For this series, several Canadian foundations—both public and private, signatories to The Philanthropic Community’s Declaration of Action and non-signatories—were invited to report on their strategies on relationships and work with Indigenous communities and organizations. 

In the article, CEO Sadia Zaman explains that Inspirit’s work to foster reconciliation is focused on narrative sovereignty, sharing power, and self-determination through impact investments. 

Read the full article here.