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Four Critical Questions | Lab Update

Lab Updates

Labs can go many different ways. We’ve spent a lot of time building a model that we think will work. We know the landscape, or “ocean”, needs an entirely different outcome. And our start is the Narrative Change Lab. To develop the foundations for the Lab, we explored four critical questions:  

  1. What do current Muslim narratives look like in Canada? 
  2. What is the current infrastructure for Muslims to shift that narrative landscape? 
  3. What is the power network for Muslims? 
  4. Who are Muslim audiences in Canada? 

This involved lots of research, analysis, and understanding of other Labs and narrative projects, and lots of conversations. Thus, the Narrative Change Lab is a creative experiment of sorts, both a space of gathering and a project aimed at shifting the narrative landscape for Canadian Muslims. 

And we’re specifically interested in the intersections with pop culture, because pop culture is where most of us get our first understanding about each other and the world.

This work is exciting and new, and we encourage you to join us on the journey.

Written by Angie Balata | May 19, 2022