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Muslims in Media

Muslims in Media (MiM) was founded in 2021 with a mission to incubate independent media. Their goal is to support productions and offer professional development opportunities for artists working on nuanced depictions of Muslim life. This grant supports the Break the Room project and the Episodic Writers Lab.

Community Radio Fund of Canada

The Community Radio Fund of Canada secures funding for the production, distribution and sustainability of Canada’s community audio broadcasters. This grant funds the Amplifying Voices program which supports Indigenous broadcasters in the production and distribution of Indigenous language programming.

Story Money Impact

Story Money Impact is a registered Canadian charity that creates positive change through active engagement of courageous filmmakers to refine and amplify their messages for systemic change through impact strategy, education, and partnerships with constituents.

Sacred Fire Productions

Sacred Fire Productions is an Indigenous arts organization that builds bridges between Indigenous artists and audiences of all ages and backgrounds, including urban areas, so that these artists can assert themselves, develop and live better from their art.

Black Women Film! Canada

Black Women Film! is a not-for-profit organization that supports the development of Black women and non-binary filmmakers & media artists in Canada.


IndigiNews aims to provide digital journalism driven by Indigenous communities’ needs, while contributing to the long-term sustainability of independent Indigenous-centred media.

La Converse

La Converse is a digital media outlet serving underrepresented communities in Québec. Launched as a month-long pop-up newsletter to fill an urgent need for reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic, it quickly engaged audiences and had made measurable impact across underserved communities.