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Outside the March

Outside the March is an immersive theatre company that redefines the experience of theatre for a new generation of audiences. This grant supported “The Pop-Up Experience” project.

Columbia Institute & Shareholder Association of Research and Education

A joint project between Columbia Institute and SHARE, the Reconciliation and Responsible Investment project provides workshops, webinars, and conferences for Indigenous trust officers and mainstream institutional investors, coordinates a leadership cohort of trust officers, and develops guidance, policy and metrics for investors on reconciliation objectives.

Indigenous Curatorial Collective

The Indigenous Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones (ICCA) is an Indigenous run and led not-for-profit organization that aims to support and connect fellow Indigenous curators, artists, writers, academics, and professionals through various methods of gathering.

Story Money Impact

Story Money Impact is a registered Canadian charity that creates positive change through active engagement of courageous filmmakers to refine and amplify their messages for systemic change through impact strategy, education, and partnerships with constituents.

Toronto Ward Museum

The Toronto Ward Museum is a community-engaged museum that facilitates the preservation and sharing of personal stories of migrants in Toronto’s history.

Racial Equity Media Collective

The Racial Equity Media Collective is a national not-for-profit organization committed to remove barriers to access and increase the production, export and sustainability of BIPOC content and BIPOC-led production companies.

Emancipation Arts

Emancipation Arts is a multi-platform content creator committed to telling vital stories which showcase the diversity of human experience and expand social boundaries. This grant supported FreeUp! Emancipation Day 2021.

Black Screen Office

The Black Screen Office is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support the development, production and distribution of Black screen-based content around the globe. This grant supported the Being Counted: Canadian Race-Based Audience Survey Report.

La Converse

La Converse is a digital media outlet serving underrepresented communities in Québec. Launched as a month-long pop-up newsletter to fill an urgent need for reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic, it quickly engaged audiences and had made measurable impact across underserved communities.