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Spotlight: Child Welfare

Spotlight: Child Welfare is a collaborative journalism project that aims to change dominant narratives around the child welfare system. Journalists build capacity to cover stories in trauma-informed, community-led, and evidence-based ways, through work with youth in care and other people connected to the child welfare system.

Documentary Organization of Canada

The Documentary Organization of Canada is a member-driven national organization dedicated to supporting documentary filmmaking and filmmakers.


The Mosquers was started in 2006 as a short-film festival to provide a platform for local films by Muslim filmmakers in Edmonton. It has emerged as a key organization in Canada’s Muslim creative sector over the past decade. This grant supported the 2023 Mosquers festival and the Opening Credits Event.

Yellowhead Institute

Yellowhead Institute is an Indigenous-led research and education centre based in the Faculty of Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University. The Institute publishes Indigenous policy perspectives, privileging Indigenous philosophy and amplifying Indigenous voices.

Black Women Film! Canada

Black Women Film! is a not-for-profit organization that supports the development of Black women and non-binary filmmakers & media artists in Canada. This grant supported the DREAM BIG writer and director retreat.

Journalists for Human Rights

Journalists for Human Rights is a leading media development organization that trains and engages local journalists, media outlets, civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen and improve human rights coverage in local contexts. This grant supported the Anti-Harrasment and Threat Mitigation in Canadian Media project.

The Living Magazine

The Living Magazine is a group of Toronto-based journalists and tinkerers experimenting with non-fiction storytelling to move people beyond echo chambers. The Living Magazine develops live journalism and assesses its impacts on diverse audiences in Canada.

Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation

The Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation is a registered charity that helps strengthen the relationships between Canada’s philanthropic sector and the First Nations communities of Atlantic Canada. This grant supported Ulnooweg’s conference Forward Together: Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities.

Community Radio Fund of Canada

The Community Radio Fund of Canada secures funding for the production, distribution and sustainability of Canada’s community audio broadcasters. This grant funds the Amplifying Voices program which supports Indigenous broadcasters in the production and distribution of Indigenous language programming.

Canadian Association of Journalists

The Canadian Association of Journalists is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides advocacy and professional development for journalists across Canada. This grant supports the Emergency Support Fund for Canadian Journalists.