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Grantees InFocus | Fall 2023


Over the summer and throughout the fall, Inspirit has granted to 18 organizations focused on narrative change for underrepresented communities. They are:

Research and Sector-building Grants 

BIPOC TV & Film  

BIPOC TV & Film is a registered non-profit advocating for and amplifying Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour professionals working and creating content in Canada’s film and TV industry.  Inspirit is proud to support BIPOC TV & Film through a $15,000 Sector-building Grant for the Festival and Market Access Initiative. 

Black Screen Office 

The Black Screen Office (BSO) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support the development, production and distribution of Black screen-based content around the globe. Inspirit is proud to support the BSO through a $50,000 Research Grant for their Quebec-focused “Being Seen” report. 

Black Women Film!  

Black Women Film! is a non-profit organization that supports the development of Black women and non-binary filmmakers & media artists in Canada. Inspirit supported Black Women Film! through a $35,000 Sector-building Grant for their DREAM BIG: Writer / Director Retreat. 

Canadian Association of Black Journalists  

Founded in 1996, Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) strives to advance the work of Black journalists and media professionals in Canada. Inspirit supported CABJ through a $5,000 Sector-building Grant to host an event reflecting on Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s legacy and its implications for the future of Canadian journalism. 

Films with a Cause  

Films with a Cause is a consulting firm dedicated to moving the film and TV industry towards meaningful and authentic representation in the screen sector. Inspirit is proud to support Films with a Cause through a $25,000 Research Grant for a research report on exclusionary practices. 

Future of Good / Foundation for Black Communities 

Future of Good is a digital media organization that covers stories, innovations, and trends shaping social impact in Canada. Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC) is Canada’s first-ever philanthropic foundation dedicated to investing in Black communities. Inspirit supported Future of Good and FFCB through a $5,000 Sector-building Grant to host the Black Leadership in Social Impact Summit.  


Independent Media Producers Association of Creative Talent / L’Association des producteur.trice.s de talents cinématographiques des médias indépendants (IMPACT-APTCMI) is a national, member-based non-profit organization that combats systemic and anti-Black racism to help create fair, equitable and truly representative film, tv, digital media, and music industries. Inspirit is proud to support IMPACT-APTCMI through a $50,000 Sector-building Grant for a business accelerator program. 

The Living Magazine 

The Living Magazine is a group of Toronto-based journalists and tinkerers experimenting with non-fiction storytelling to move people beyond echo chambers. The Living Magazine develops live journalism and assesses its impacts on diverse audiences in Canada. Inspirit supported The Living Magazine through an $8,662.00 Sector-building Grant to present a performance at the International Live Journalism Festival in September.  

Muslims in Media  

Muslims in Media | Les Musulmans dans les Médias (MiM) is a non-profit organization that incubates independent media and supports productions that provide nuanced depictions of Canadian Muslim life.  Inspirit supported MiM through a $5,000 Sector-building Grant to host Muslim House at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival. The event brought together Muslim creatives from across the country for networking and panels. 

National Trust for Canada / Indigenous Heritage Circle 

National Trust for Canada is an independent national charity that empowers communities to save and renew heritage places.  Inspirit supported the Indigenous Heritage Circle through their trustee partner, the National Trust for Canada through a $25,000.00 Sector-building Grant to host the Indigenous Heritage Circle Gathering at the National Trust for Canada Annual Conference.  

Racial Equity Screen Office 

Racial Equity Screen Office (RESO) is a Vancouver-based organization that supports the mentorship, training, funding, production, and distribution of content by racialized Canadian filmmakers with diverse stories. Inspirit supported RESO through a $20,000 Sector-building Grant for their East by Northwest (EXNW) Global Summit. 

Toronto Arab Festival 

Toronto Arab Festival is a multifacted non-profit organization that brings films from and about the Arab world to Toronto audiences and promotes the diversity of Arab cultures, builds community, creates opportunities for exchange, and develops emerging artists. Inspirit is proud to support Toronto Arab Festival through a $35,000 Sector-building Grant. 

Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation 

The Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation is a registered charity that helps strengthen the relationships between Canada’s philanthropic sector and the First Nations communities of Atlantic Canada. Inspirit supported Ulnooweg through a $15,000.00 Sector-building Grant to host Forward Together: Connecting Philanthropy with Indigenous Communities. 

Project Grants 

All My Relations Indigenous Society – Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week  

Founded in 2017, Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week (VIFW) showcases Indigenous designers and artists from across Turtle Island. VIFW is committed to facilitating reconciliation through collaboration and dialogue about fashion, identity, story, art, and representation.  Inspirit is proud to support 2023’s event with a $75,000.00 Project Grant.  

Outside the March 

Outside the March is an immersive theatre company that redefines the experience of theatre for a new generation of audiences.  Inspirit is proud to support Outside the March through a $30,000 Project Grant that supports the video game adaptation of their live immersive production, “No Save Points.” 

Organizational Grants 

Aaqsiiq Theatre 

Aaqsiiq Theatre is the first and only theater company in Nunavik. It focuses on the development of the artistic ecosystem in Nunavik’s 14 villages and the revitalization of Nunavik Inuit culture and language. Inspirit is proud to support Aaqsiiq with a $75,000.00 Organizational Grant.  


Edmonton-based The Mosquers film festival educates, entertains and builds bridges through showcasing talent and diverse Muslim experiences.  Inspirit supported The Mosquers through a $50,000 Project Grant for their Opening Credits gathering for Muslim creatives, as well as a $25,000 Organizational Grant. 

Yellowhead Institute 

Yellowhead Institute is an Indigenous-led research and education centre based in the Faculty of Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University. The Institute publishes Indigenous policy perspectives, privileging Indigenous philosophy and amplifying Indigenous voices. Inspirit is proud to support Yellowhead Institute through a $225,000 Organizational Grant.