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Institute of Investigative Journalism (Concordia University) Launches Clean Water, Broken Promises


Institute of Investigative Journalism (Concordia University) has launched Clean Water, Broken Promises, an investigative series exploring water issues in First Nations.

An Indigenous-led consortium worked on more than 30 broadcasts, articles, and two documentaries, which will be released as part of the project in the coming weeks. Check out how they did it here.

The consortium includes four prominent Indigenous journalists and APTN’s national team of journalists who led production and shared their reporting.  Students at First Nations University of Canada did the initial reporting and led project design. Read all the Clean Water, Broken Promises stories here. 

The project is a result of a nationwide investigation into water quality which in November 2019 revealed that in more than a dozen Canadian cities, lead levels in the tap water in older homes were comparable to or exceeded those in Flint, Michigan, at the height of its 2015 water crisis. The project is also a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call to journalism programs to teach reporting with and for Indigenous communities.