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OCAD University Offers Virtual Indigenous Regalia Program


OCAD University is offering a special virtual Nigig Regalia Residency program from May to August.  

The nine-week program is focusing on regalia, Indigenous cultural garments and items worn during ceremonial gatherings, powwows and other significant events. The program also builds on the practice of online beading circles, which have emerged during the pandemic as a way for many Indigenous people to find comfort and community. The curriculum incorporates instruction, workshops, guest artists, beading circles and studio time. 

Open to Indigenous students and the community through the University’s Indigenous Visual Culture (INVC) program, this residency program is supported by a grant from the Inspirit Foundation. 

“Part of the goal of this residency is to share who we are and what we do within the INVC program with the broader Indigenous community, including the families of prospective students,” says INVC Delaney Chair Susan Blight. 

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