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Using Narrative Change to Advance Social Change

Media Coverage

Inspirit was featured in The Philanthropist Journal’s recent story on narrative change. CEO Sadia Zaman discusses the Narrative Change Lab and strengthening the Foundation’s support of Indigenous narrative sovereignty.

Read The Philanthropist Journal’s feature here.[mk_divider]

An excerpt from the article:

In 2019, Sadia Zaman, then a new CEO at the Inspirit Foundation, pressed pause on day-to-day operations to engage her team in a reflection on the organization’s mission.

Inspirit was founded in 2012 with funds from the sale of VisionTV and a mission to promote inclusion and pluralism through media and arts, support for young change-makers, and impact investing. What could the foundation do through its funding activities, Zaman asked her team, to achieve more systemic change?

The answer that emerged was to deepen the foundation’s commitment to shifting narrative power to under-heard groups so they can reframe problematic narratives that stand in the way of meaningful change.

Inspirit started by strengthening its support of Indigenous narrative sovereignty by shifting a bigger share of funding to Indigenous-led, instead of Indigenous-informed, organizations.[mk_divider]Read the full article here.