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Request for Proposal: A Healthy News & Information Ecosystem


[View the complete Request for Proposal here] 

Inspirit Foundation, the Hamilton Community Foundation, and the McConnell Foundation are seeking the services of a consultant to support the adaptation of the Healthy News & Information Ecosystem Framework. 

The Healthy News & Information Ecosystem Diagnostic Framework, developed by Impact Architects, is a tool for: 

  • Assessing the health of news and information ecosystems 
  • Identifying specific opportunities to fill information gaps 
  • Strengthening channels of information that already exist 

This framework will help build our understanding of where Canadians obtain their news, what credibility they assign to it, and what information needs are not being met. Funders are interested in adapting the framework to the Canadian context. A key driver for interest in this work is its potential to help us support equity-seeking organizations and communities to improve their information’s ecosystems and to amplify underrepresented voices, including Indigenous narratives. 


The consultant will be responsible for the adaptation of the Healthy News & Information Ecosystem Playbook to a Canadian context. We expect this work to be of use to communities and organizations across the country. 


  • A Healthy News & Information Ecosystem Diagnostic Framework adapted to the Canadian context 
  • A set of recommendations for the design of an action plan for the Playbook’s implementation in Canada. 


The project will begin in January 2022 and be completed by March 2022. The timeline details will be discussed at the beginning of the project.  


The budget is a maximum of $ 15,000 (excluding taxes).  


January 17, 2022 

How to Apply 

For more information, view the complete Request for Proposal here.