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Spotlight on Aniqa Rahman—This Is Worldtown’s Behind The Dust Artist


Guest post by This Is Worldtown

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are shining the spotlight on our grantee This Is Worldtown (TIWT), a digital hub featuring the first person expression of women of colour, globally, across storytelling mediums. TIWT’s latest endeavour, Behind The Dust supports women of colour media makers who are reshaping the Canadian media landscape through visual storytelling. Artist and photographer Aniqa Rahman has been immersed in the arts since 2013. She’s particularly passionate about fashion photography, a visual language she feels has the capacity to trigger deeper conversations.

TIWT: Why are you a media maker?
As a media maker, I hope to produce work that resonates with people. For me art, specifically photography, is also a healing process, and gives me an opportunity to cover topics which often don’t get much attention and needs to be a conversation starter.

Photo credit: Aniqa Rahman

TIWT: What was the turning point that made you decide it was necessary to create?
The willingness to shed a new perspective on a topic.  

TIWT: What impact do you hope to make with your art?
Start a conversation and inspire others to pursue their passion in arts. As a South Asian woman I feel as though community has conceived art as a pure hobby, and that it should be always “pretty” or “aesthetically pleasing” for the viewers. For many artists their work reflect who they are as a person, and not who they want to please.

TIWT: How was your project birthed?
To be honest most of my projects are initiated when I feel as though it needs to be seen or spoken about right now or then. I know a lot of artists love structure and have their work planned out. I don’t usually follow that path which is why I lean towards documentary or event photography. The more spontaneous the shot the better. The biggest challenge for me in the creative world is always providing artist statements, because I want my art to speak for itself.

Photo credit: Aniqa Rahman

TIWT: What feeling do you want to leave on the hearts of people who look at your piece with Behind the Dust?
That my work is thought provoking and not just appealing.

Learn more about Aniqa’s work by following her on Instagram at @visual_lens or on Twitter at @Visual_Lens. Don’t forget to check out Behind The Dust artists Samah Ali, Aleia Robinson-AdaSoko NegashShazlin Rahman and Elizabeth Farinango.

Join TIWT in celebrating its first anniversary and introducing Behind The Dust artists at ARCHV RMX: A night curated by This is Worldtown on March 15th, 2018 (6:30PM – 9:00PM) at Artscape Youngplace.