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Spotlight on Samah Ali & Aleia Robinson-Ada—This Is Worldtown’s Behind The Dust Artist


Guest post by This Is Worldtown

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are shining the spotlight on our grantee This Is Worldtown (TIWT), a digital hub featuring the first person expression of women of colour, globally, across storytelling mediums. TIWT’s latest endeavour, Behind The Dust supports women of colour media makers who are reshaping the Canadian media landscape through visual storytelling.  Artist Samah Ali is a content creator and producer; her work specializes on topics of diaspora, culture, and identity conceptualization. She writes, speaks, and documents these themes while throwing witty remarks and curating an eclectic meme gallery. She collaborates with fellow artist Aleia Robinson-Ada at Sisterhood Media, production house generating different forms of media to probe conversations on identity, community growth, and self-actualization. Inspired by youth, beauty and rich cultures, Aleia is a photographer, artist and visual story teller living in the city of Toronto.  Aleia values culture and history deeply, for her, photography has always been a way to tell intimate, adventurous, bold and historic stories. She believes photography has given her a platform to share and create work that speaks to the world around her. Listen to their conversations with This Is Worldtown about the motivations behind their individual creative practices as artists.

Samah Ali:

Follow Samah on Twitter at @sistersamah, on Instagram at @sisterhoodmedia or visit her website to learn more about her work at

Aleia Robinson-Ada:

Learn more about Aeia’s work by following her on Instagram at @_ar4photography or by visiting her website at

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Join TIWT in celebrating its first anniversary and introducing Behind The Dust artists at ARCHV RMX: A night curated by This is Worldtown on March 15th, 2018 (6:30PM – 9:00PM) at Artscape Youngplace.