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Session #3 Notes | Lab Cohort

Cohort Sessions

Q&A with Arij Mikati For Session #3, Arij Mikati participated as a guest speaker. As the Managing Director of Culture Change at Pillars Fund, Arij presented their work in advancing narrative change for Muslims in the United States.  After Arij’s presentation, the Lab Cohort asked questions around:  The idea that Muslim creatives don’t necessarily need … Continued

Session #2 Notes | Lab Cohort

Cohort Sessions

Identifying Narratives The Cohort was introduced to the concepts of narratives, deep narratives, stories, and messages, and was asked to identify these elements in Mustafa the Poet’s performance of “Stay Alive,” as well as his acceptance speech for Alternative Album of the Year at the 2022 Juno Awards. [vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]Below are some examples of each element, identified … Continued

Session #1 Notes | Lab Cohort

Cohort Sessions

Time Travel through Pop Culture and Media  In their inaugural session, Cohort participants were asked to talk about the first time they felt represented in pop culture; all said they had no early memories of pop culture representation, except for one participant who grew up in their parents’ home country. This individual didn’t experience the … Continued